Multi-Dose Pill Packaging


Taking in medication accordingly might not be the easiest activity in the book. Varying prescriptions get jumbled, the assortment of brands get lost in a pile of pillboxes, or you simply forget to swallow the medication at the scheduled time. For this dilemma, be relieved that our Pharmacist is here to help make sure you take your medications correctly and on-time, everyday.

First, we will ask for a list of all the current medications you’re taking, and see to it none of them get mixed up. We will then refill your medicines together, with each one categorized individually in a separate easy-to-open package. Labels of the time and day of the week you are to take them will be emphasized. You will receive a month’s worth of medication in one box, with a new packet you can open readily for each new day! We can also include per your request, other OTC products you wish to order.

We can also organize your medications weekly for you in a pill reminder box, free of charge, just buy the pill organizer and bring it to the pharmacist alongside all of your medication bottles and he will organize it for you and teach you how to do it as well.

For your convenience, we proudly provide you with special medication packaging solutions to better take care of your daily health plan!

Pill Boxes – We offer a more improved pill box vs. the old fashioned pill box for quick intake

Blister Packaging – Commonly required in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, these are also referred to as “bingo cards”, easy to identify and know what you’re taking in

Oral Liquid Syringes – Several medications are prescribed in oral forms. Everything is well-prepared for your daily dosage with our oral liquid syringe products.

Ask any of our staff today about our pill-packaging service and how you can get signed up.